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Creating Space for Work and Personal Growth at BetterUp


BetterUp is a performance coaching platform based in San Francisco that aims to help professionals (and their employees) “pursue their lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion.”


BetterUp’s People Operations Associate, Lily Roosevelt, worked with Managed by Q, BetterUp’s executive team, and a designer to create a space that reflected the company’s values and helped define their culture.


Creating spaces for collaboration and giving and receiving support was an important requirement for BetterUp’s office. Hence, the giant sectional couch that can be broken up into different configurations so team members can easily create space to meet and work together.


“We want to support everybody’s personal development at BetterUp. We believe that’s the only way you make professional gains,” said Lily.



Four-legged colleagues are also welcome at BetterUp.


BetterUp champions grit and continuously accepting challenges to grow. To represent this value in their space Lily had punching bags installed in the office.


George, a personal trainer, comes to BetterUp to run workouts for the team twice a week.


“When one of us is flourishing, the whole team gets stronger. So every decision we made about what to put in the office had those baselines in mind,” said Lily.

Photography by William Perls 


Office Design

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