Office Design

Creating a Space for Building Culture at true[X]


The digital advertising company built out a welcoming and and customizable space to enable employees to come together and get a fresh perspective on their work.


The kitchen is an inviting space to refuel and stocked with special snacks, as well as cold brew and craft beer on tap.


Counters are just the right height for getting work done.


An open plan complements conference rooms, enabling everyone to find the right space for their work style.


A large conference room can be used for team meetings and or public events.


Comfortable couches invite employees to find focus. Or relax.


A cozy conference room is tucked behind a door disguised as a library bookshelf.


For a fresh perspective, the space also features a roof deck with an expansive view of Midtown and Lower Manhattan.


Office Design

Make the most of a tight work area with these space saving solutions.

Office Design

Bring your teams together and prepare your workplace kitchen for just about any occasion.

Office Design

Find out what your coworkers need from your office space and start making helpful updates.

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