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All things office management

Preparing Your Office for Summer

Get your office ready for warmer temperatures by booking essential services and getting coverage for critical operational roles now.

How to Structure Your Office Team

A great office team is crucial to your business. We explain how to define, and hire for, the roles that support your company.

How to Effectively Manage Your Office

Office managers play a business-critical role in supporting team productivity. We break down the key skills and responsibilities needed to create a seamless workplace experience.

Why the Office Experience Matters

Meet the people who are driving productivity and creating a great experience in the modern office. Learn how office managers support their teams and see how you can recognize their great work.

How to Design a Wellness Room for Nursing Mothers

Understanding the legal requirements and architect-recommended best practices for wellness rooms will ensure your space meets the needs of new mothers and employees with medical needs.

When to Work with an Interior Designer for Your Office

Owner and Principal Designer Kaitlyn Payne of Basicspace explains when and why companies should work with an interior designer for their office.

Why Office Managers Need a Ticketing System

As office operations increase in complexity, office managers need tools that are specifically designed to help them manage a modern office and better meet employee expectations. Hivy empowers office managers to streamline their workflow and better manage employee requests.

Events to Advance Your Office Operations Career

Whether you’re focused on office management, employee experience, or community building, these professional development events will help you become a more effective team member and work towards the next step in your career.

How to Successfully Work with Office Service Providers

To create the best office experience for your team, communicate clearly with your cleaning and maintenance service providers about what is most important to your company.