Office Design

Inside Bark & Co's Cozy Dog and People Friendly Office


Bark & Co's mission to make the world a better place for dogs starts internally and has a big impact on the company's space and culture. Join us to look around their comfortable office home for employees and their dogs.


The office has a light-filled dining area for employees to eat away from their desks.


Cozy furniture, lush plants, and healthy snacks keep Bark & Co employees feeling at home.


There are plenty of Scandinavian-designed couches for employees, and their furry friends, to work and relax on.


And plenty of toys to keep the four-legged employees entertained.


Pets in the workplace are shown to increase happiness and reduce stress.


In an office this comfortable, it's tempting to take a nap to recharge.



Office Design

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Office Design

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Office Design

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