Building a Trustworthy Marketplace


When we first started Q, we spoke to hundreds of office managers who told us that one of the hardest parts of their job was finding service providers they could trustto solve problems in a bind and work diligently in their space when nobody else was around.

Over the past year three years, we've partnered with office teams across the country to build our online marketplace, and with it, the Q Partner network. 

Our Partners are goodreally goodbut we don’t expect you to just take our word for it.

Today, we’re introducing Q Partner Profiles, which enable you to evaluate office service providers based on objective credentials and reviews that are relevant to the needs of a fast-growing workplace.

We’ve built a team to support you in making sure you’re hiring the right people for the job. Our Partner Success team works closely to onboard new Partners, reviewing extensive questionnaires, checking references, and confirming all relevant licensing and insuranceso you don’t have to.  

In addition to seeing these industry credentials and certifications, you can also see if a Partner is woman-, minority-, or veteran-owned business, to help inform your service provider selection. 


But when it comes to finding the right vendor, we know that office managers tend to know best. We’ve been collecting thousands of data points around Partner performance over the past six months. These attributes, such as responsiveness, timeliness, and job quality, are critical to choosing a service provider, and are all surfaced on our new Partner Profiles. You can also see real, verified reviews from office management professionals in your area, so you don’t have to rely on Joe D. from Yelp. 

We spent the past several months understanding what is most important to both office teams when it comes to making purchasing decisions, as well as service providers who want to better market themselves to commercial clients. 

As we continue to build out our marketplace and empower our users to make the best decisions for their offices, we’d love to hear more of your feedback about what should come next. 

To all those office managers and service providers who partnered with us on shipping this feature, thanks! We give you a big thumbs up for “Would hire again.”



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