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Managed by Q is holding open auditions for guests to appear on our upcoming podcast!

Our podcast is a collection of short stories about the realities of working in an office. We aren't offering advice or asking experts for their opinions—this is about what it really feels like to be at work and the true experiences of what happens in an office today.

We’re looking for true stories—past or present from anyone who physically works in an office (or has a lot of recent, relevant experience working in an office). We are seeking guests from any profession, working in any role, with any level of experience who have stories about the following topics:

Pets at work

Pet-friendly offices are on the rise, but what is it really like to share your office space with a dog? What if you or your coworker wants to bring a pet... that isn't a dog? Have you had to write and/or communicate an office pet policy to your office? How was your office experience changed by pets at work?

Crushes at work

You’re never too old to have a crush. What did you do (or not do) when you had a crush in the office? Is your office crush your “work wife” or “work husband”? How has a crush affected your work or relationships? 

Crying at work

In the bathroom, an abandoned conference room, or at your desk in plain sight--have you ever cried at work? Maybe they were tears of joy or maybe they were real tears that came out of nowhere. Have you ever comforted someone at work who was crying? Has seeing someone cry exposed a vulnerability that brought you or your team closer together?

Bouncing back at work

Having a bad week that... has lasted for more than a week? Have you experienced a slump you thought would last forever, but then something pulled you out? What happens when you know you should feel accomplished, but you don’t?

Horrible bosses at work

Everyone has a boss. But will you like them? Did you ever accept a position eager to work with your boss only to find it wasn’t so great? Does your boss think they are doing great, but in reality they kind of suck? Have you been happy at work only to have a new boss completely ruin your experience?

Horrible employees at work

It’s easy to complain about your boss, but managing people isn’t so simple. Have you tried every trick in the book to connect with someone you manage? Maybe you thought you had a horrible employee, but you were wrong? 

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Today we’re excited to deepen our commitment to empowering workplace teams with the launch of Task Management.


Today I’m excited to share the next chapter in our story at Managed by Q. We have accepted an offer to be acquired by WeWork and partner in building the future of work.


We set out to make it easy for teams to run an incredible workplace, and thanks to the support of our amazing community, we’re getting better every day.

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