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Eleanor is a writer, editor, community builder, and content strategist living in Brooklyn, New York. https://eleanorcwhitney.com/about

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Workplace Operations

All hands meetings are essential for fostering communication, transparency, and a cohesive culture. These steps will ensure you plan a successful meeting.


The consulting firm ?WhatIf! Innovation shares insight on how to integrate office space and culture to bring a people-first approach to innovation at work.

Workplace Operations

New research from Managed by Q identifies major opportunities for driving greater operational efficiency and cost saving in the office.

Workplace Operations

Inspired by the ease of coworking, adopt a hospitality approach to office management, automate office services, and create a great employee experience.

Community Profiles

Ashley Stires, People and Office Experience Manager at Tictail, grew her career from executive assistant and office manager to running human resources

Community Profiles

How Sarah Lewis, Accounting and Office Manager at Idealist, balances building culture and managing company finances.


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