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How to Make the Most of Learning and Development with a Small Budget

When approached strategically, employee learning and development programs can have a big impact on retention and engagement, even with a limited budget.

The Right Supplies for Each Room in the Office

The office supplies you need in your conference rooms, phone booths, and at each employee desk to ensure work gets done effectively.

2018: A Very Long Year in Review

We set out to make it easy for teams to run an incredible workplace, and thanks to the support of our amazing community, we’re getting better every day. In 2018 we interviewed more than 200 clients to learn how we could better serve their needs, and deployed to production over 5,000 times to make our vision of the workplace management platform a reality.

How to Stay Competitive in 2019

The top five workplace trends that companies must adapt in order to attract and retain employees and remain relevant in 2019.

Get Your Office Ready for Winter

Prepare for the colder winter months, holiday vacations, and year-end compliance reporting by hiring extra staff and optimizing your office systems and services.

How a Strong Company Culture Became a Business Necessity

In a tight talent market, company culture is a business necessity and plays a key role in employee recruitment and retention. Our free guide outlines how to build a great company culture.

The Year Ahead for Your Office

We mapped out the year ahead so you can start 2019 prepared and plan great events for your team.

Four Easy Steps to Budget Approval

How to get leadership buy-in and budget approval for office improvement projects and culture-building initiatives.

Five Characteristics of a Helpful Vendor Review

When evaluating office service providers, reading reviews is a good way to see their track record. Here are some good signs and red flags to watch out for in an online vendor review.