The Watercooler

A refreshing take on office management

Changing the Way Boston Works

Managed by Q has officially launched in the greater Boston area, helping companies across Boston and Cambridge run their offices.

The Year Ahead for Your Office

We mapped out the year so you can start 2018 prepared.

True Tales of Office Horror

At Managed by Q, our clients, Operators, and service providers have encountered some terrifying predicaments—here's how we chased away office nightmares.

A Big Day for Q Services

We’re excited to announce that our good jobs strategy is no longer a gamble. Managed by Q’s service company, Q Services, has reached nationwide profitability.

Building a Trustworthy Marketplace

We've launched Q Partner Profiles, which enable you to evaluate service providers based on objective credentials and reviews relevant to the needs of an office.

Ellen Pao on Solving Tech’s Diversity Challenges

Ellen Pao speaks at Managed by Q about her new book, Reset, and building a more diverse, inclusive tech industry.

Creating a World-Class Office Experience with Hivy

Managed by Q has acquired Hivy, a task management tool for office operations teams and helpdesk for employees. Hivy helps create a happier workplace for teams.

Efficiency for Every Office

To learn how innovative companies manage their offices, Managed by Q asked office operations managers  to share the tools they rely on at work.

How We Grew into Our New Office

After a spending a year in a temporary office, Managed by Q made its fourth office move in three years. Learn how Q's office manager coordinated the move.