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Five Characteristics of a Helpful Vendor Review

When evaluating office service providers, reading reviews is a good way to see their track record. Here are some good signs and red flags to watch out for in an online vendor review.

Using an Office Operations Survey to Understand Office Needs

Create a more productive office and increase employee happiness by gathering feedback from your team with a quarterly operations survey.

The Top Three Office Cost Savings Opportunities

New research from Managed by Q identifies major opportunities for driving greater operational efficiency in the office.

Budgeting for the Hidden Costs of Office Operations

Learn the average cost of office services in your area, according to BOMA International, and create more accurate office and facilities operations budgets.

Your Guide to Company Event and Party Planning

A step-by-step timeline that outlines how to plan office parties and company events with ease.

What the Digital Transformation Means for Your Office

The digital transformation has had a major impact on how companies do business and is also changing the workspace. Here’s how to set your office up to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Budget-Friendly Design Ideas to Transform Your Office

Create a workspace your team will love with these money-saving interior design tips.

How Value Engineering Can Save Your Office Money

How to plan for greater value in your office and save money in the long term.

Effective Office Construction Project Planning

Learn how to manage construction and renovation projects with our project checklist, timeline, and guide to staying on schedule and within budget.